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Eric Frith

April 5, 2013

Being a part of this amazing project for 7 years now, there are many topics that have made an impact on me. But the strongest is a heightened appreciation for the power of sharing one’s story. I had the extreme good fortune of watching this process in action during the […]

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Card 14

I think it would be equally captivating to tell the “Korean” story–it may be painful in a different way, but enlightening–something we can learn from. It made me think about the power of Love, of family/relationships. How powerful!!

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Card 13

Intergenerational conflict — the clash of cultures and what might be “acceptable” between generations – especially with childhoods in different countries.

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To me, this film is about home. It’s about something we’re supposed to understand and define so well and so clearly, but the language and concept are confusing and evolving. The movie validated for me the idea that home can be given AND chosen, and that we get permission to […]

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It made me think about home…is it the place we are from, or is it the place we are going to?Are we always searching for “home”?

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card 10

I thought about violence within the family, and systemic violence. What is the connection? Could it be that some people in the US can experience less violence in their individual families because that pain gets externalized into large systems like the IMF? It seems that it exists in all of […]

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As a transracial Korean adoptee, this film spoke to me on the longing to discover myself in terms of culture and identity. Having White parents and growing up in a predominently White community, I lacked any real role models that looked like me or anyone that I could connect to. […]

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Eliaichi Kimaro

Who we are — our well-being, our suffering, our triumphs — who we are and how we live on this Earth Matters. Our Stories Matter. Our words and actions can set forth a ripple effect that can impact the whole world.

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Card 7

April 4, 2013

– Reminders to ASK & LISTEN– My role as witness and the search for truth.– Pride that I am a social justice activist– Memory of storytelling as justice– Desire to DO something– The complexity of identity…and how that gets shaped– a desire to dig deeper…– questions about culture, tradition, cross-cultural […]

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Card 6

It made me think about how little I know about my culture, and how much more I would like to know of my culture to learn about myself.

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