A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Screenings & Appearances

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Feburary 15:  Kimaro will facilitate 2 ALLY screenings + storytelling workshops at Franklin High School (Seattle) for their 2017 Power, Justice & Freedom through Education IX Social Justice Summit. The theme this year– “There is no Them, Only Us”.

January  18:  Kimaro will join Amy Benson, Jill Friedberg, and Molly Michal for a panel discussion, Meet Up for a Cause:  Filmmakers and Grassroots Groups (co-presented by Northwest Film Forum and Seattle Documentary Association). Now more than ever, film is a powerful tool for amplifying voices, inciting empathy, and shedding light on social issues. As visual storytellers, filmmakers have invaluable skills to offer to the community. Grassroots groups that champion progressive causes lead the way in creating and inspiring positive change. At this meet-up, filmmakers and community groups can link up for video projects that highlight important social change work.


November 19:  Kimaro will be a speaker at the TEDxSeattle event at McCaw Hall.  The title of her talk – “Why the World Needs Your Story.

October 20:    Webinar panel & Exhibit hosted by NW Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse to discuss Art/Cultural Work as a tactic toward building loving/equitable relationships and ending abuse.  Kimaro will be joining fellow queer artists/cultural activists as a webinar panelist, reflecting on how art/cultural work can engage communities, build alternatives to rape culture and be a tool for healing.   There will be an accompanying art show/reception in the evening in Columbia City.

September 25-27:  Kimaro will facilitate workshops on personal storytelling at the annual Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Conference.

June 14 @6:30pm:  Kimaro will participate on a panel discussing the lack of representation in filmmaking, the causes of the imbalance and what the effects are. Every year more and more incredible filmmakers of color emerge around the world and yet make up such a small part of films being made. We will discuss what the problems are, what support is out there and how to move forward.discussing diversity (or lack thereof) within the film industry.  This event is part of Women In Film/Seattle’s The Second Tuesday Series, at KCTS (401 Mercer St. Seattle, WA, 98109).

Fellow panelists include:  Scilla Andreen, Sophia Gutierrez Perez, Kathy Hsieh, Wes Kim, Brian McDonald, and Tracy Rector.

June 2 @6pm:  Kimaro will join author/activist Sharon Chang at the reading/signing of her book, Raising Mixed Race, at Wing Luke Museum.  Kimaro will  bring a mixed-race lens to the conversation about her film journey, and join Chang in a Q&A/community discussion following their talks.

May 12 @ 6pm:  Kimaro will be contributing art pieces to Women on the Brink, a multidisciplinary group show that explores the idea of edges, borders and boundaries. Curated by filmmaker and arts advocate Tracy Rector, the show will include installation, film, photography, visual art, music, and literary arts. Vermilion Art Gallery & Bar on Capitol Hill will host the show from May 12-June 4, 2016

April 16 @ 2pm:  Film Screening & Discussion at Holton-Arms School with Eliaichi Kimaro ’89
Director/Writer Eliachi Kimaro takes us on a personal journey into the most vulnerable corners of a family history spanning generations and continents through her film, A LOT LIKE YOU. The award-winning documentary explores the intricate fabric of multiracial identity, and grapples with the complex ties that children of immigrants have to the lands and cultures of their parents.

April 15 @ 5pm:  Kimaro will be a featured speaker at Webster University (St Louis, MO).  I-Fest 2016– One World, Many Stories highlights the importance of storytelling and self-expression in the formation of culture and identity. I-Fest features performances from renowned storyteller Oba William King, Spoken Word poet Kealoha, filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro, and international SLAM Poet  Kane Smego.

April 14 @ 2:40pm:  Kimaro will address students at an Upper School assembly at Holton-Arms School.  Focusing on the power of personal narrative, documentary filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro ’89 uncovers why it is critical that we find a way to share our stories with others.  Drawing on clips from her film, Kimaro will reflect on her experiences as a mixed-race, first-generation American, and her journey to reconcile the cultures she’s inherited with how she defines herself today.

April 5 @ 6pm: Kimaro will participate on a filmmaker panel discussion about Ethical Storytelling.  This free event is part of The Film School‘s First Tuesday series, and will be at the Roy Street Coffee & Tea (Seattle).


November 12 @ 630pm: Kimaro will attend A Lot Like You screening and discussion, sponsored by the Seattle Globalist.

November 5 @ 6pm:  Kimaro will be discussing documentary ethics, storytelling, marketing & distribution with a grad level Advanced MultiMedia Storytelling class at the University of Washington

October 10 @ 2:30pm:  The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival‘s panel discussion about Emerging as an LGBTQ Filmmaker, moderated by Carlos Pedraza,  will feature Elliat Graney-Saucke, Michael Strangeways, Aneesh Sheth, and Eliaichi Kimaro.  Topics will include success stories; tips and tricks for emerging filmmakers; pitfalls to avoid when starting out in the film industry; how to navigate the film world as an LGBTQ filmmaker; and how to network and get what you want. At 12th Ave Arts (1620 12th Ave Suite 206, Seattle WA 98122).  Free & Open to the public.

August 9 @12:30pm:  Private screening of A Lot Like You at New Parkway Theater (Oakland) to raise funds for Foot2Afrika and Moshi Youth Village.

April 29:  A Lot Like You screening and discussion with filmmaker at Lake Washington Girls Middle School as part of the 8th grade memoir writing class.

March 27 @ 11am:  Kimaro will be a guest lecturer, talking about Exploring our Intersecting Identities Through Story in a Women and Gender Studies class at University of Evansville.

March 26 @ 6pm:  A Lot Like You screening & discussion, facilitated by Kimaro at University of Evansville about “Exploring Identity Through Story”

March 26 @ 12pm:  Kimaro will speak at, and facilitate a discussion, at a luncheon for Women Community and Campus Leaders at University of Evansville.

March 20:   Documenting the Diaspora at Laney College.  Joint screening event  with author/speaker/teacher Faith Adiele, whose PBS film My Journey Home will screen with A Lot Like You.  Post-screening discussion with Adiele and Kimaro to follow…

March 19 6:30pm:  Documenting the Diaspora at Museum of African Diaspora Salon ~ film screening & discussion of two documentaries engaging Diaspora communities around such issues as post-coloniality, mixed race identity, gender violence, national trauma, family legacies and single parenthood. We will screen Tanzanian-Korean-American filmmaker/activist Eli Kimaro’s feature-length documentary A LOT LIKE YOU and Nigerian-Nordic-American Faith Adiele’s documentary short MY JOURNEY HOME. The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

March 19 @ 12pm:  Documenting the Diaspora at California College of the Arts.  Joint screening event  with author/speaker/teacher Faith Adiele, whose PBS film My Journey Home will screen with A Lot Like You.  Post-screening discussion with Adiele and Kimaro to follow…

Feb 24:  Kimaro will be a keynote speaker of the Black Heritage Series at Brown University, examining her film journey through the lens of race, culture and identity.

Feb 12:  A Lot Like You screening as part of University of Akron‘s Rethinking Race series. Post-screening discussion with Dr. Oghenetoja Okoh exploring the complex intersection between race, identity, culture and home.

Feb 11: Kimaro will be on the artist panel discussing “New Visions/Re-Framing the Story” as part of Garfield High School‘s REAL TALK: Life Choices Beyond Careers  series.



Nov. 15 @ 10:45am:  A LOT LIKE YOU screening & discussion at Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference (Chicago)

Nov. 13 @ 9:45-11:15am:  Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference ~ Round table discussion, “Mixed Experiences on Screen” with Eliaichi Kimaro (A Lot Like You),  Jeff Chiba Stearns (Mixed Match), Megumi Nishikura (Hafu), and our Mixed Roots Stories keynote Zelie Asava.

Nov 12 @ 6:30pm:  Kimaro will  speak at Oakton Community College (IL) about the role of art in activism, and vice versa…

Nov 12 @ 11am:  Kimaro will reflect on the story behind her film journey at Richland Community College (IL).

Nov 10 @ 7pm:  Kimaro will be discussing documentary storytelling, marketing & distribution with a grad level MultiMedia Storytelling class at the University of Washington

Oct 28 @ 11:30am: Kimaro is the closing speaker at the National Disability Rights Network Conference. She will be talking about Using Video Storytelling to Amplify our Advocacy.

Oct 23 @ 7-9 pm: Director Eliaichi Kimaro will be speaking at Western Washington University.  Sponsored by Mixed Identity Student Organization (MISO).

June 13:  Smith College, School of Social Work presents A Lot Like You screening and discussion with Eliaichi Kimaro.

June 4 @ 8:15pm:  A Lot Like You is an Official Selection of Independent Filmmaker Showcase, and will be screening in Beverly Hills, CA.

May 28 @ 8:30pm:  A Lot Like You screening & discussion following opening ceremonies at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (Indianapolis)

May 18 @ 4pm:  African Film Festival (NY) presents A Lot Like You at the Maysles Cinema Institute, followed by a post-screening discussion with Eliaichi Kimaro via Skype.  Screening together with Curse of an Addict.  Tickets available HERE.

April 10 @ 9pm:  ALLY screening and panel discussion at Bucknell University.  Sponsored event of the Multicultural Student Services.

April 5 @ 12pm:  Kimaro will lead a KUOW RadioActive youth media workshop for advanced producers on exploring identity through story.

February 27 @ 1:30pm:  Kimaro will be guest lecturer at University of Washington.

January 18 @ 5:30pmA Lot Like You screening/discussion hosted by Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (Seattle) as part of the War Baby/Love Child exhibit.  Our community partner, MAVIN Foundation, will facilitate the post-screening discussion.  From the museum’s catalog:  “Filmmaker Eliachi Kimaro was reluctant to put herself into her film about her father. However, as more truths were unearthed, the lens through which they were seen began to matter more and more. In A Lot Like You, Kimaro – a queer, mixed-race, woman of color with immigrant parents-shares her story of how she came to ask about her family, what she learned, and what she was going to do about it.


November 7 @ 6pm: Eliaichi Kimaro discusses her film journey, narrative structure and documentary ethics with grad students in University of Washington‘s Communication Leadership program.

October 23 @ 12pm & 7pm:  ALLY screening/lecture events with filmmaker at University of New England (Maine).  The theme for this series is Intercultural Competence, exploring concepts of cultural awareness, cultural humility, and collaboration across diverse groups including health professionals.

October 17 @ 7pm: Director Eliaichi Kimaro will be speaking at Knox College (Galesburg, IL).  Event sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Life.

October 16 @ 1pm:  “Exploring Identity Through Story” ~ Focusing on the power of personal narrative, documentary filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro uncovers why it is critical that we find a way to share our stories with others. This workshop is part of Laura Kina‘s class on Mixed Race Art and Identity, and will explore our understanding of who we are, where we come from and where we belong.  DePaul University (Chicago) 

October 15 @ 6pm:  Join filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro for a screening & discussion of scenes from A Lot Like You.  Her film follows her experience as a mixed-race, first-generation American reconciling the culture she’s inherited with how she defines herself today.  DePaul University (Chicago).

October 14 @ 1pm:  ALLY screening/lecture at Lincoln Land Community College (Springfield, IL)

October 8 @ 6:30pm:  Vancouver Asian Film Festival presents A Lot Like You screening + discussion w/Director Eliaichi Kimaro.  Alice MacKay room, Vancouver Public Library.

October 1@ 7pm:  A Lot Like You screening & discussion w/filmmaker at University of Redlands (Orton Center).

September 30, 6-9pm:  A Lot Like You reception, screening & discussion w/filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro at California State University San Marcos.  Sponsored by Gender Equity Center and LGBTQA Pride Center.

September 19 @ 7:30pm:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro will be presenting at the 2013 Critical Ethnic Studies Conference, sponsored by The Institute For Research on Race and Public Policy at The University of Illinois At Chicago.

September 18 @ 7:30pm:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro will speak at Venango College (PA) at the Rhoades Center (following ALLY campus screening on 9/16).

August 24, 4:30-6:45 (on 2 screens):  ALLY screening at The Eugene Celebration at Bijou Theater.

July 20-26:  ALLY screening at Rwanda Film Festival.  Screening info TBD.

July 16:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro will facilitate conversation with Powerful Voices (Seattle) about Exploring Identity Through Storytelling.

June 10@ 6pmNew Orleans Loving Festival at Ashe Cultural Arts Center (1712 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, NOLA 70113).

May 30, 2013 @ 3pm: ALLY screening/discussion at Dongduk Women’s University (South Korea).  Director will be present

May 8, 2013 @ 7:30pm:  ALLY screening at UC Davis as part of the Asian American Association Film Festival.

May 8, 2013 @ 12pm: Director Eliaichi kimaro will be speaking at the Black Box Theater at Edmonds Community College as part of their Brown Bag Lecture Series.  Click here to see the video of this talk.

May 7, 2013 @ 2pm:  University of Washington.  Director Eliaichi Kimaro will be speaking at LeiLani Nishime’s Asian American Media class, exploring issues of mixed race identity, transnational media/culture and media activism.

May 7, 2013 @ 5pm:  ALLY screening as part of ACV National Festival Tour (project of Asian Cinevision and Asian American International Film Festival) at Queens Library, Flushing Branch.  Free Admission.

April 27 @ 3pm:  ALLY screening at DisOrient Asian American Film Festival at the Bijou Arts Cinema (Eugene, OR).  Director will be present.
WINNER, Jason D. Mak Award for Social Justice.

April 20 @ 9:30pm: ALLY screening at High Falls Film Festival (Rochester, NY) at The Little Theater.  Director will be present.

April 13 @ 2pm: ALLY screening at Wellesley College at Collins Cinema.

April 5 @ 7pm: ALLY is opening night film of the inaugural doc film series SEEDArts Cinema — “Made In Seattle” (Rainier Valley Cultural Center.)  Director will be present.  Tickets at the door..$5/film, $15/series.

March 7 @ 4pm: Director Eliaichi Kimaro will speak at Breaking the Silence Through Art~API Chaya’s 18th Annual Candlelight Vigil about the connection between art/storytelling and gendered violence & social justice activism.

March 5 @12:30pm:  ALLY screening/discussion at Lake Washington Girls Middle School as part of the 8th grade memoir writing class.

March 2 @ 2pm:  23rd Annual Cascade Festival of African Films (Portland).  Director will be present for reception, screening and discussion.

February 21: Frauenkreise Projekt (Berlin) is hosting a screening of A Lot Like You, followed by Q&A with Director via Skype.

February 8-9: Pacific University Leadership Conference (Portland).
2/8: ALLY Screening and Q&A with Director.
2/9: Director Eliaichi Kimaro will deliver conference keynote.

February 6:  Lewis & Clark Community College (IL).
@12pm:  2 ALLY lectures to students in Race & Gender classes.
@7pm: ALLY screening & discussion

February 5 @7pm: Director Eliaichi Kimaro delivering keynote @ St. Charles Community College (MO) as part of Black History Awareness Month.

February 4 @7pm: ALLY screening & discussion with Director Eliaichi Kimaro at John Burroughs School, St. Louis MO.

February 4 @12pm: ALLY screening & discussion with Director Eliaichi Kimaro. St. Charles Community College (MO) in Social Science Auditorium.

January 25 @ 7pm: Seattle Asian American Film Festival @ Wing Luke Museum.  Discussion panel to follow with LeiLani Nishime, Wes Kim and Eli Kimaro.  SOLD OUT SCREENING.

January 22:  A LOT LIKE YOU Broadcast premiere kicks off AfroPoP‘s 2013 season on World TV (Check your local listing for times/stations).

January 9 @7pm: ALLY Benefit screening at St. Margaret’s Church in Moshi, Tanzania.  Director will be present.

January 8 @ 7:30pm: MuDa Africa will be hosting an ALLY screening event at Slipway Theater in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Director will be present.

January 7, 2013 @7:30pm: ALLY benefit screening at Century Cineplex (Njiro Complex) in Arusha, Tanzania.  Director will be present.



2012-2013: National Festival Tour.  A LOT LIKE YOU has been invited to participate in the yearlong National Festival Tour which travels to educational & cultural institutions across the US.

November 17 @12:30 pm.  Red Film Market, Red Rock Film Festival 2012 @ Zion Lodge in Springdale, UT.

November 3 @1:30pm:  Vancouver Asian Film Festival @ the Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas.  Tickets on sale October 20.  Members of filmmaking team will be present.

October 25 @7:30pm:  Screening event @ Marylhurst University (Portland) as part of Homecoming Week…in partnership with Oregon Public Broadcasting and Lake Oswego Review.  Director will be present.

October 18 @ 5:30pm:  Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council Conference.  FREE Film Screening of A Lot Like You and meet Director Eliaichi Kimaro.  County Government Center (Isaac Newton Auditorium),  70 W. Hedding Street, San Jose, 95110.

October 16 @8-9pm:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro is a featured speaker @ Old Dominion University (VA) for Relationship Violence Awareness Month.

October 14 @ 2pm:  LA Femme International Film Festival @ Davidson/Valentini Theatre, Los Angeles 90038.

October 13 UCLA – SANAA (Social Awareness Network for Activism through ArtALLY Campaign kick-off event!  Screening of A Lot Like You, followed by discussion facilitated by our summer intern, Kausar Mohammed.

October 13 @ 5pmReel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival @ LIU Brooklyn (One University Plaza, Brooklyn 11201).

July 29 @ 7pm:  35th Annual Asian American International Film Festival (NY) @Clearview Chelsea Cinema, Director will be present.
WINNER, Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary.

June 24 @ 3:30pm: Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto).  Director will be present. Screening @ the Carlton Cinema @ 3:30.
WINNER, Best Documentary. 

June 16 @ 12:30Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival (Los Angeles).  Using her film journey as a backdrop, Director Eliaichi Kimaro will speak about the important connections between creative expression and experience in strategically re-centering conversations around ethnicity, identity, accountability and justice.

May 23, 2012 @10am:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro talks with Betties360 (Portland) about the power of personal storytelling.

May 21, 22, 23 @ 5:30pmMcMenamins Mission Theatre (Q&A with filmmaker following each screening.)  Tickets are $3.

May 20 @ 6pm:  McMenamins Mission Theatre presents the Oregon Premiere of A LOT LIKE YOU (Portland).  Doors will open at 6 p.m., with an intimate live performance by Pacific Northwest singer/songwriter and soundtrack composer Pete Droge. The film will begin @ 6:45 p.m., followed by Q&A by filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro.

May 15 @ 10:30am: Drawing on her experience making the Award-winning film A Lot Like You, Director Eliaichi Kimaro will speak with students @ Shoreline Community College about the interplay between art and activism, and how filmmaking can lead to a more integrated understanding of our place in this world.

May 2 @ 6pm: Africa World Doc Film Festival screening @ Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria).  Admission is FREE.  Post-screening discussion from 8:30-9pm.

April 25 @ 6pm: Africa World Doc Film Festival screening @ Spencer Museum of Art (Univ. of Kansas).  Admission is FREE.

April 22 @ 4pmLangston Hughes African American Film Festival (Seattle).

Sarasota Film Festival & Through Women’s Eyes Film Festival
April 14 @ 3pm (followed by Q&A w/Director)
April 18 @ 1pm
Both screenings @ Regal Hollywood Theaters.

36th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival:  Screening as part of the “Standing Up Competition.”
~March 28 @ 7:10pm with Film Forum
~March 29 @ 12:10pm followed by Q&A with Director
~March 30 @ 1:00pm followed by Q&A with Director
~March 31 @1:00pm:  Panel on Filmmakers of the African Diaspora, hosted by Cleveland State University School of Communication, in partnership w/Cleveland International Film Festival.  (Event is Free & Open to the Public.)

30th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (now CAAMFest)
WINNER, Jury Prize for Best Documentary
~March 11, 7:20 pm @ San Francisco Film Society
~March 13, 9:20 pm @ Sundance Kabuki Theater in San Francisco
Director and Producers will be present.

March 9, 2012 @ 6pm:  Africa World Doc Film Festival screening @ University of West Indies in Cave Hill, Barbados.

February 29, 2012: Director Eliaichi Kimaro will be speaking @ Bush School (Seattle, WA).

University of Arizona (Tucson) – Black History/Heritage Month
~February 20, 2012 @ 5:30pm:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro will deliver keynote (“Activism and Creative Expression) @ Student Union (Catalina Room).
~February 21, 2012 @ 5:30pmA Lot Like You screening & discussion @ Univ. of Arizona’s Gallagher Theatre.  Director will be present.

February 21, 2012Fundraising screening @ Moshi Golf Club (Tanzania).  ALL proceeds will go towards Vunjo School’s Girls Dormitory Project.  Post-screening Q&A by none other than Mama Kimaro.

February 17, 2012 @ 2:00pm: Africa World Documentary Festival screening @Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, the Carver Theatre   (Birmingham, AL).  FREE ADMISSION.

January 15, 2012 @ 6:00pm: African Diaspora International Film Festival Best Docs of Fest Series @ Teachers College, Columbia University. Screening A LOT LIKE YOU, WINNER, Public Award For The Best Film Directed By a Woman of Color.  (Tickets $11/$9 Students & Seniors)


WINNER, Public Award for the Best Film Directed By a Woman of Color.
December 11, 2011 @ 3pm: African Diaspora International Film Festival Closing Ceremony at Teachers College, Columbia University – Encore Screening of A Lot Like You.

December 10, 2011 @ 2pm:  “Monetizing Independent Cinema” (organized by ADIFF) @ Teachers College, Columbia University – The Chapel (175 Zankel Hall)
Director will be a panelist.

December 8 @ 8:30pm: African Diaspora International Film Festival (part of Women Indies Night) @ Schomburg Center, Harlem.  Post-screening Q&A with Director followed by catered reception.

November 10 @ 8pm: reception/screening to benefit the DoVE Project (a project of Vashon Youth & Family Services) @Vashon Theater.

October 21 @ 7-9pm: hosted by the NW Network @ Central Cinema , Seattle WA  ($6 in advance, $8 at the door).
~ Panel discussion following screening

October 7 @ 8pm:  Kinowatt Film Series @ Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA ($8)
~ Director will be present

October 5 @ 8pm:  Artisphere: Wed Film Series @ Dome Theater, Arlington, VA ($6)
~ Director will be present

October 5, 7pm:  Local Sightings FF @ NW Film Forum, Seattle, WA
~ Producers will be present

October 2 @ 6pm:  Filmwax Film Series @ The Fifth Estate, Brooklyn, NY
~ Director will be present

September 29 @ 6pm:  Montreal International Black Film Festival @ Cinema ONF
WINNER, Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature

WA State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Annual Conference (Spokane,WA)
~September 20 @ 7pm: A Lot Like You screening & discussion
~September 21 @ 11am:  Director Eliaichi Kimaro will deliver WSCADV Annual Conference closing keynote (reflecting on the power of personal storytelling to mobilize people, ignite dialogue, and contribute to the groundswell that leads to change.)

July 7 @ 7pm:  Fundraising Screening @ The Watering Hole (Moshi, Tanzania)
~Film subjects will be present
~All proceeds raised will help cover construction costs of a new girls’ dormitory at Vunjo Secondary Schoo in our village of Mwika.

June 12 @ 2pm:  Seattle International Film Festival @ Admiral Theater, West Seattle
~ Filmmaking team will be present

May 24, 2011 @ 7pm:  WORLD PREMIERE! Seattle International Film Festival @ Harvard Exit
~ Filmmaking team will be present


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