A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

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The A Lot Like You (ALLY) Project  is an outreach and engagement initiative that uses the award-winning film A Lot Like You as a springboard for exploring issues of identity and belonging. 

The ALLY Project supports the creative exploration of how we come to understand
who we are, where we come from, and where we belong.


To realize this vision, we are…

1) Sharing our film with as many people as possible

2) Showing up for our audience, engaging with them directly and connecting them to resources in their community

3) Building our community by creating spaces where we can connect and explore the issues raised in our film  


 Current Outreach Projects:

 ~ Traveling with the film to festival/conference/campus/independent screenings.  Directly engaging with audiences around the world through post-screening conversations, panel discussions, and lectures.

Building strategic partnerships with non-profits to find new ways of using this film as a tool for advancing their organizational missions.  Our partner organizations are participating in efforts to GET THE WORD OUT about our film to their members, constituents, allied organizations etc. through their online and offline communication outlets.

~ Broadcasting on AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange (airs January 22, 2013  at 7pm ET, 9pm PT–check your local PBS listings.)  This hour-long version will also be available for educational and international distribution.

Creating interactive, online platforms where our viewers can engage directly with filmmaking team, with partner organizations, and with each other.

Developing companion materials that will allow educators, activists and community members to further explore the issues raised in our film, including:

– Race
– Identity
– Multi-culturalism/Diversity
– Mixed race/3rd culture experience
– Gender violence/Intergenerational trauma
– Personal storytelling/Memoir writing

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