A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

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(Our digital distributor went out of business in Feb 2020, just before the global pandemic had us all quarantined in our homes. So we are working to get our film back up on additional platforms soon…)


A LOT LIKE YOU ~ For Educational Use
2 DVD set

CLICK HERE to order from our educational distributors COLLECTIVE EYE FILMS.

For High Schools, Colleges/Universities, Public Libraries, Non-Profits, and Government Agencies.

Includes both versions of A LOT LIKE YOU:
– 52 min Educational/PBS Version: suitable for conference, workshops, and classroom viewing (recommended for 8th grade and up).

– 80 min Feature Length Version: suitable for events where screening is the primary focus.

Public Performance Rights, Digital Site & Streaming Licenses available.

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For Home Use

CLICK HERE to purchase A LOT LIKE YOU DVD (for Home Use only)

The DVD of the Award-winning, feature length version of A LOT LIKE YOU includes:

– Audio commentary with Eliaichi Kimaro (Director), Thomas Kenney (Producer), Pete Droge (Composer) and Eric Frith (Editor).

 High Bar Interview with Eliaichi Kimaro

– Deleted scenes

– Music video of A Lot Like You

– Official movie trailer

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