A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Host a Screening

Non-profits, colleges, high schools, community groups, and individuals like you are hosting screening events around the world, and using our film as a springboard for deep, enriching conversations about race, culture, gender, violence, and the power of personal storytelling.

AfroPoP’s A Lot Like You Discussion Guide

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Home Screening Rights ($29.99)
If you are interested in hosting a house party (up to 20 people), choose this option. This is a great way to bring together friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers in a comfortable environment.

Admission Free Screening ($100)
If you are interested in hosting a free-to-the public screening of 100 people or less to keep your overhead low, choose this option. These rights cover a one-time-only public viewing of the film.

Fundraiser Screening Rights (from $150)
If you’ll only show the film publicly once to less than 100 people, please use this option. You are welcome to charge admission.

5 Screenings Package (from $350)
If you wish to show the film publicly on multiple dates to a crowd of 100 or less, please choose this option.  These rights cover up to five viewings of the film, and you are welcome to charge admission. Rights are not transferable (i.e., you may not transfer the DVD or viewing rights to another group.)

Very Large Screenings
If you wish to show the film publicly to a crowd of more than 100, or purchase more than five screening licenses, please send us an email at info @ alotlikeyoumovie.com.  We encourage big screenings and multiple showings, but need to determine the fees on an individual basis.

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If you’re interested in hosting a screening, please fill out our Screening Application Form (or download the PDF version.)

If you would like Director Eliaichi Kimaro to attend your screening event to present the film and engage your audience in a post-screening discussion, please contact Beth Quittman  at info @ samaralectures.com.

 Screening/Event Partners to date 



Brown University

Mwika Development Trust Fund (Tanzania)


NW Network of BTLG Survivors of Abuse

Columbia University

Voices and Faces Project

Wellesley College

National Ctr on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Smith College

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

Dongduk Women’s University (S. Korea)

Islamic Center of Cleveland

Obafemi Awolwo University (Nigeria)

University of West Indies (Barbados)

Washington State Coalition
Against Domestic Violence

UC Davis

Refugee Women’s Alliance

Mills College

UN Women – Gulf Chapter

Old Dominion University

Museum of the African Diaspora

California College of the Arts

Red Ink

University of New England

For World Thinking

University of Washington

Faith Trust Institute

University of Arizona (Tucson)


DePaul University

Laney College

University of Kansas

Western Washington University

Indiana Unviersity

Knox College

Cleveland State University

University of Redlands

California State University

Marylhurst University

Pacific University

Lewis & Clark Community College

Betties 360

Frauenkreise Projekt (Berlin)

National Alliance for Media Arts +Culture (NAMAC)

National Disability Rights Network

Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference

Critical Ethnic Studies Conference

Mixed Roots Stories

National Conference of Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education

Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council Conference

RadioActive (KUOW)

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