A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Pete Droge and Eliaichi Kimaro on New Day NW

May 23, 2011

We had a great time meeting with Margaret Larson (New Day NW).   Pete performs the title song “A Lot Like You,” and Eliaichi joins the show to discuss her documentary. 

Click here to watch the full 9-min segment.

Local filmmaker documents emotional search for self

A new documentary from Seattle-based filmmaker, Eliaichi Kimaro, called A Lot Like You takes viewers through her personal journey of self-discovery and trying to break a life-long cycle of violence. Acclaimed Northwest musician, Pete Droge, composed original music for the film and was so moved by Eliaichi’s story that he’s also released a soundtrack inspired by the movie…

The timing couldn’t have been better, with the official soundtrack release date and our world premiere being tomorrow, May 24th…

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