A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

The Stranger recommends “A Lot Like You”

May 14, 2011

Oh little green star, you delight my heart!  Lindy West at The Stranger recommends A Lot Like You:

“I am a first-generation American,” Eliaichi Kimaro explains in voice-over near the beginning of her rich, complex autobiographical documentary. “Mom and Dad are from opposite ends of the globe. An interracial, bicultural couple.” Her mother is from Korea, her dad is from Tanzania, and they met in school in the United States (their love story and subsequent careers at the IMF and the World Bank constitute a fascinating chunk of the film).

Growing up, Kimaro spent every summer in Tanzania with her Chagga relatives, but, she says, “that connection was hazy.” She was welcome, but she was foreign, and that wasn’t easy: “Every summer in Tanzania was a reminder that this kinship I bragged about to my American friends existed only in my imagination.” That disconnect is where A Lot Like You begins, and then it goes much, much deeper.”

In January 2011, Lindy wrote an insightful feature-length review of our film titled “There and Back Again…”   To read the full article, click here…

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