A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

ALLY screening at Local Sightings Film Festival (Seattle)

September 21, 2011

Hey Seattle,

Did you miss our screenings in January, May and June??

Well here’s your chance to see ALLY on the big screen, thanks to Local Sightings Film Festival at the NW Film Forum.  So happy to have this opportunity to screen once again to our hometown crowd!!

(Get Your ALLY Tickets Here:  Wed. 10/5 from 7 – 9pm)

Growing up Eliaichi Kimaro was always proud of her mixed-race background although she never understood why. As a first generation American, Eliaichi’s only knowledge of her Tanzanian ancestry has been through stories passed down from her father. To find a narrative of her own, she decides to travel to her father’s village on Mt. Kilimanjaro to finally get to know the family she has only known from afar. Bringing with her an outsider’s curiosity, Eliaichi asks her relatives questions that most people who grew up in the village never thought to ask–including her father. Through these personal interviews, Eliaichi uncovers the dark secrets of her family’s culture and in doing so discovers an unexpected deep personal connection to her Tanzanian roots. In many ways, A Lot Like You becomes a lot like me.

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