A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

ALLY has a brand new face!

January 28, 2012

a sweet new landing page that will eventually grow into our new website.

a Dad-ism:  a good farmer keeps his eyes focused forward on the work that remains to be done.  a poor farmer keeps looking back, praising himself for how much he’s already done.

when ALLY’s creative team met earlier this month, we realized that we had outgrown the usefulness of our previous website.  beautiful though she was, the site was best suited to tell the “making of” story of our film.

but now that we have a finished film, our goals are shifting.  we need a website that’s expansive and dynamic enough to encompass our outreach & engagement campaign, of which our film will be one part.

to help us develop and implement this campaign, we have enlisted the help of Working Films who specialize in linking non-fiction films with cutting edge activism.  we are also collaborating with Bridgit Antoinette Evans whose organization, Fuel | We Power Change, helps non-profit organizations reach wider audiences through partnerships, campaigns, and creative productions developed in collaboration with high profile artists.

so this landing page is our foundation stone for a website where people can:
– connect with activists, educators, and organizations working on the issues in our film
– reflect and engage with each other and with the filmmaking team directly.
– and of course, learn more about our ever-evolving film journey…

our thanks to Josh Tuininga and his creative team at The Medium who designed and developed this web page in record time.  i look forward to seeing what we come up with in the months ahead!

So with that, out with The Old …

…And in with The New!

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