A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

“A Lot Like You” article in the Citizen newspaper in Tanzania today

February 4, 2012

* The Citizen reposted Tyrone Beason’s article, Seattle filmmaker finds herself in her Tanzanian family which originally appeared in the Seattle Times (Jan. 29, 2012).

this morning’s email from Mama:

 Hello Eli,

Mr. Shah congratulated me on the feature article in The Citizen* even before we had gotten our newspaper. So, Baba and I went helter skelter to buy ourselves two copies. We wondered who on earth might have written without us knowing a thing about it.

The poster for the movie features more than a quarter of the page and they reprinted Tyrone’s article. Together with it are 6 other pictures. My goodness! 

This is the second time I am reading the article. It is so well done. Hongera to Tyrone. He really has his heart in it.


p.s. I love the photo of the ‘united nations’ family.


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