A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Eliaichi Kimaro: on Cultural identity

April 17, 2012

a conversation with Warren Etheredge on The High Bar

It’s been a longtime dream of mine to sit down with Warren to reflect on the evolution of our film from Worlds Apart to A Lot Like You.  So on the day of our interview, it took me a moment to shake the surreal-ness of sitting face to face with the man.  Warren truly is a masterful conservationalist, and I was so very grateful to have  this opportunity to delve into some of the juicier aspects of our film journey for the first time… 

From The High Bar episode description:
“Genealogies are big business nowadays. It seems lots of folks want to examine their family trees. (I’d prefer to prune mine.) However, if you start digging up the roots, you may discover where you come from, but through the process, you are just as likely to wind up covered in dirt.

Documentarian Eliaichi Kimaro set out to make a film about her folks unaware of the secrets she’d uncover while doing so. Her efforts connecting with, and coming to terms with, her parents and their kin in Tanzania and the States, are hauntingly and heart-fully chronicled in A LOT LIKE YOU. Today, she joins me at The High Bar to raise a toast to and raid the bar for… Cultural identity. Cheers!”

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