A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Reel Change takes ALLY to DC (April 28-30)

April 25, 2012

We have been invited to participate in Reel Change: Managing Social Issue Film Campaigns – presented by Working Films and The Fledgling Fund in collaboration with the Center for Social Media

Thanks to the generous support of our dear friends, Jeff and Jamie Merriman-Cohen, we are able to attend this intensive 3-day workshop that could not be any more timely or tailor-made to meet our current needs.   We are so grateful and keen and ready to put what we learn to immediate use!!

This interactive workshop will focus on developing audience engagement campaigns that lay the groundwork for authentic social impact. With experts on hand who can speak from first-hand experience, we will learn how to (1) develop audience engagement strategies for documentary films/transmedia projects; (2) coordinate key elements of a campaign, learning how to leverage opportunities for social change while pursuing income-generating strategies for distribution; and (3) create evaluation strategies that will allow us to identify, measure, and duplicate our successes.

And for those of us who are currently working on a particular project, we will have the opportunity to workshop our ideas and get some hands-on learning that specifically address the needs of our project. 

Everyone I know who’s attended this workshop has returned Raving about how invaluable this experience was.  Can’t wait infuse some of that energy, enthusiasm and know-how into our film’s outreach efforts!

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