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An invitation to join me in supporting the High Bar

October 9, 2012

As we considered what special features to include on our upcoming DVD, our creative team mulled over the best of what we have to offer.  And one special feature we knew we had to include was my conversation with Warren Etheredge on the High Bar.

While on set, I was amazed at the high-end production quality of the shoot.  The High Bar’s dedicated crew worked tirelessly, attending with care to every detail.  And Warren’s unflappable professionalism had him as charming and engaged as ever , even though (little known fact) he had a raging fever during our interview!

And so I was later shocked to learn that Warren and his executive producer Jason Ganwich somehow manage to churn out one phenomenal episode after another — over 70 interviews with the likes of Cornel West & Tavis Smiley, Guillermo del Toro, Gary Oldman, Jodie Foster, Brian McDonald, Morgan Spurlock, Larry Miller — on No Budget Whatsoever.

I promise you, I am not being hyperbolic when I say you will never see these conversations anywhere else.  So says Monica Guzman, who writes about Warren’s conversational stylings more eloquently than I ever could in this Seattle Times write up.

So if you haven’t already, I invite you to check out the High Bar.  Cue up a few episodes and see for yourselves.  And if you’re as moved as I am by how these conversations unfold, please consider joining me in supporting the High Bar, so we can keep these in-depth and probing conversations on the air for many more seasons to come!

Thank you for your kind consideration,


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