A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Kind words from our partner org…

December 2, 2012

NAMSOWe’re excited to be partnering with National Association of Mixed Student Organizations (NAMSO), a national clearinghouse of resources, information and events for mixed-race student organizations across the US.   

NAMSO is helping to connect our film with college/university audiences across the country…especially those students, alumni, activists, allies, academics who are passionate about the multiracial, multiethnic, multicultural student experience.

Thank you, NAMSO, for raising awareness about our film (see below) and for recommending A LOT LIKE YOU as a tool for deepening the conversation and exploration of the mixed experience.  Look forward to seeing where our campus conversations take us!

The following write-up was sent out to their membership organizations:


Film Rec: A Lot Like You

NAMSO was thrilled to catch Eliaichi Kimaro’s award-winning documentary, A Lot Like You, at the New York Asian American International Film Festival back in August, where it won the Audience Choice Award for Documentary Feature.  Eli’s film was truly moving, and we were glad to connect with her at the screening.

A Lot Like You would be a fantastic film to screen on campus, as it reaches across many boundaries of personal narrative; identity; political, social, and gender issues; and cross-cultural and interracial experiences.  If you’re interested in showing this film at your school, feel free to get in touch with us or reach out to Eli through her film’s Facebook or website.

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