A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Twitter Convo makes my day

April 1, 2014

Our primary outreach and engagement goals for A Lot Like You have been to get this film seen by as many people as possible AND to show up for the thoughtful conversations that our story evokes.  

Until now, these two have gone hand in hand.  Whether I’m traveling to festivals, museums, campuses, conferences, the stories that unfold on the screen continue on in the conversations that follow.  

After working on this film in relative isolation for over 8 years, it’s a sublime experience to connect with people across genders, generations, cultures, continents who see themselves and their loved ones reflected in our film.  

And at every screening around the world, I’m reminded that as humans, we are wired to connect to one another through story. And the beautiful, vulnerable, personal stories audience members have shared with me have been such a Gift.

So when we were invited to submit our film for nationwide broadcast on public television, we couldn’t have been more excited.  The film was going to reach more people than I could imagine, which was as bizarre as it was thrilling.

But I struggled with the dichotomy of knowing the film would potentially reaching millions of people, and yet I would not feel connected to a single one.  

And then…this.  

I happened to be online one night as a viewer was live tweeting our PBS broadcast.  And, for once in my life, I was truly grateful to Twitter for providing a platform where this conversation could happen…


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