A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Joint screenings in Oakland

March 24, 2015

Just wanted to share a few snapshots of our screening events in Oakland, where I partnered with Faith Adiele to show our respective films about our journeys to uncover the cultural roots of our Blackness.

Following the screening(s) we engaged our audiences in a more in depth discussions about identity and belonging by examining our creative efforts to document the diaspora through our distinctly mixed-race, feminist lenses.  Here are some comments from audience members following the events:

–  Very insightful and touching.
–  Great perspective on finding belonging & self
–  Excellent opportunity to open up dialogue
–  New discussions of home
–  Fascinating to hear the perspectives of people who grew up between so many cultures
–  It spoke to the challenges of Mixed-Race Africans & the disconnect b/w Africans & African Americans
–  It definitely provided a new perspective around cultures, identity, and I was deeply moved by both of their stories. It makes me want to learn more about these matters.
–  Beautiful mixed race women shared their deep, layered and complex perspectives. A blessing to witness. Thank you.
–  American media’s role in the divide between African immigrants and African-Americans.
–  Compelling storytelling & rich tapestries. Very informative.
–  Outstanding conversation about heritage.

Look forward to finding more opportunities for Faith and I to bring to a broader audience…

Beautiful poster promoting our event at Laney College.

Arriving in Oakland

the question at the heart of it all...

the fabulous Faith Adiele...

Me ~ eager to sink my teeth into the Korean food we just ordered...

with Faith at the beautiful Museum of African Diaspora

the Afro-Viking and the TanzKoMerican pointing to their respective homelands.

a full house at MOAD!!

thanks to HyeKyung Kang for this, the only shot I have of our post-screening conversation at MOAD

a beautiful crowd.

such a diverse gathering, across all ages, ethnicities, genders.

grateful for these audience shots...

delighting in our MOAD moment...


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