A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

A LOT LIKE YOU is now Available on iTunes!!!!

May 20, 2015


It’s OFFICIAL!!!!  A Lot Like You is now available on iTunes!  We just published this SPRING 2015 NEWSLETTER for ALLY friends and family, bringing them up to date on all the places we’ve been and all that we’ve been up to.

And then, in a follow-up email to Producer/Editor Eric Frith, I wrote:

“Feeling so grateful for this amazing ride this film is taking us on!
Here’s to continuing this roll out — slow and steady — for many more years to come…”

It couldn’t be more true.  I could never have anticipated how thrilling this ride would be, and I’m amazed that 4+ years after our premiere, this film journey shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Thank you for bearing witness to it all…

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