A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

Mikaela ~ (8th grade reviews ALLY)

July 7, 2015


Dear Eli,

Thank you for coming in to talk to us and show your film.  The journey in my mind that your film took me is one one that had too many important stops along the way.

Your film helped me realize the importance of truth and dedication.  I think that so many people were brave in your movie.  Someone who really stood out to me was your mother.  I know that she was not the main character followed throughout your story, but to me she expressed bravery.  She married your father even when her family did not approve.  I think that she was brave to leave her family and be with your father.

I also think that your mom was very brave by holding your secret inside her heart even if it was eating her up day by day.

Your mother teaches me that being brave is not [just] standing up for someone or saying what you feel  It can also be trusting others.  This is something that your film has taught that I will never forget.

Thank you!


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