While the rest of the world was frolicking (or wilting) in the summer sun, I was locked away in a dark, hermetically sealed room deep in the recesses of AlphaCine

Together with our brilliant colorist, Marc Brown, we tweaked, corrected and enhanced the color of every scene in the film.  After multiple passes, we gradually brought the film’s color palette into alignment. 

I was amazed to see just how much color influences your feelings about what your watching.  Within a week, I’d learned a whole new language.  I was able to talk about the mood and feeling I wanted each scene to evoke in terms of lighting and color.  So cool!!!

Our film is now ready to project in HD, which is amazing given that we shot most of it in 2004…long before HD camcorders were an affordable household item. 

Watching the finished film, it’s like a hazy film has been lifted.  Our movie now feels even more intimate and immediate, with absolutely nothing standing between you and the images on the screen…