Starting July 26th, Eric and I spent a week over at Bad Animals working on the sound mix with Dave Howe.  He’d already mapped out the sound design for the film, complete with effects, natural sound, and foley. 

I’d been told that nothing enhances the movie experience more than sound design, but had a hard time imagining the difference it would make for our film.  But holy cow!!!  Sound totally shapes your emotional experience of the film. 

And let’s be real for a moment—recording voice over and tweaking levels in those hallowed halls of rock,  in the same room where Stevie Wonder and Elton John recorded albums, was divine! 

Pete and Elaine joined us for our color correction review and the final day of sound mix. Getting their fresh eyes and ears on the film in its finishing stages was invaluable.  (Our 2+ year collaboration with Puzzletree warrants its own entry…promise to post that soon!)