A Lot Like You

A Film by Eliaichi Kimaro

2010-08-12 ALLY is D O N E !!!

August 12, 2010

Only 85 months after I first signed up for film class, the journey of bringing A Lot Like You to the screen has come to an end.

Marc Brown generously offered to host a screening in AlphaCine’s beautiful theater.  So on August 12th, we had an intimate screening for the creative team and the film’s producers.  It was the first time any of us got to see the finished film.  What a pleasure to be able to relax and enjoy the movie without the looming pressure of asking for feedback or funding.   

Personally, I was extremely moved by the whole experience.  Making this film has been such a collaborative process…I know all filmmakers say that.  But only now do I appreciate how truly true this is.  When I watch the final film, every scene is loaded with backstory…and holds its own memories of in-depth conversations, multiple re-writes, alternate footage from earlier cuts, different music cues, loving but challenging feedback from friends pushing us to dig deeper.  Every scene reminds me of some extraordinary, hail-mary effort that individuals put in to make that scene work as well as it does. And my gratitude for how well this project has been loved knows no bounds.

So Thank You for having such high expectations of what we (and this film) are capable of.

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